Stain-Away 16oz




Stain-Away stain remover and deodorizer brings professional grade cleaning to stains on rugs, carpets, upholstery and even laundry. Cleans all kinds of stains including pet stains, coffee, grease, wine, food, blood, mildew, tea, urine, washable ink, candle wax (break-up first), chocolate, cosmetics, crayon, fruit juices, grass, grime, Iodine, ketchup, latex paint, liquor, oil, shoe polish (most), and much more.

Stain-Away’s concentrated formula has been used and refined over the past 80 years at Benson Rugs, Florida’s premiere commercial rug cleaning company. Our formula has been tested on literally thousands of rugs and carpets, including some of the finest in the nation.

Stain-Away is:

all natural
All Natural

Just rub it in and blot. Leaves fibers clean and smelling fresh- without soapy residue.After cleaning rugs for generations, we know what works. Stain-Away will clean and deodorize your stain while protecting the fibers of your carpet, rug, upholstery, or laundry from damage. Some stain removers are mostly water. Others contain harsh chemicals that can damage while cleaning. Stain-Away is based on the same formula we use in our commercial rug cleaning plant. It takes care of most messes and smells, leaving your item looking brand new.


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